About Us

Who We Are

We provide a very professional and effective 24/7 Online Social Media Marketing and Lead Generation solution using ”The Power of 5” totally designed and developed for Companies to BRAND, Promote, Generate and Convert Leads.

Over the last seven years, we have run many highly successful Social Media Marketing training courses throughout New Zealand. These have helped companies take full advantage of social media, leading to improved market penetration and increased sales.

Whether it’s finding your unique voice on Online, boosting your search page rankings, designing personal and business brands that stand for something extraordinary… we will work with you to create a tailored strategy that helps you engage more effectively with your target audience.


We always start with research. By identifying exactly what you want your site to do we can set goals and targets to measure your sites performance. We devise a creative brief to help you and our team focus on the job at hand.


This is where we decide what tools to use, how to implement them and how long it will take. We always have the end game in sight, and because we’ve been doing this for years we can plan ahead and tell you exactly what happens next.


This stage is where we create the look and feel of your site, taking into consideration the goals and targets you wish to achieve. We love to get it right, and we’ll bend over backwards to get you a full set of visuals you are really happy about.

Build & Launch

Our team of highly experienced programmers and developers will bring your site to life. We set up a development server, gather usability feedback and test, test, test to make sure your site works perfectly. We take on board any feedback you may have and integrate it into the build.